If it’s not INTRINSICALLY SAFE ™, it’s inherently flawed
Make a smart move for a safer future now.

Reduce Your Safety Risks

The DynaStage system is built on a low-voltage, digital communication platform to ensure the safety of your crew.  This Intrinsically Safe ™ system has successfully communicated and initiated on command during more than 1.5 million initiations without incident.

The DynaStage system's simple Plug-and-Go ™ detonator enables API 67 compliant surface testing and greatly reduces the chance of an unintended detonation. 

Exceeding RF-Safe standards, our addressable system is designed for immunity to high voltage and current levels and initiates only when required. 

Our Intrinsically Safe ™ design minimizes surface explosives handling.  Since arming can be conducted at any time, other wellsite activities can continue uninterrupted. 

DynaStage System Resources

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